“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman

Well folks, my cries for independence have been heard and the manifestation of freedom is accelerating. After 4 years working with a case management team, I have finally been released to the wild.

“We’re more than happy to see you spread your wings,” they said, as I hugged them goodbye for the last time.

It may not be much of a big deal to most but this is monumental for me because I can finally release my vice grip on this incessant need to fight the system, delusionally, on my own. To say that I fought tooth and nail is an understatement and being released from their care is like having the belts from my straight jacket unbuckled as they deem me well enough to exit the psych ward wing, once and for all.

I have been fighting and strangling myself for more than 8 years, trying to showcase where the mental health system has not only fallen short but has also been the direct cause of psychosis, trauma and institutionalization for many, including myself. After years spent clenching teeth and fist, I can say that without a doubt, the tighter we grasp anything in life whether it be an idea, our perspective on ourselves or this world, a lover, our expectations or identities, the more quickly it slips through our fingers, disappears or snares us.

This may be necessary for some to unravel long-held beliefs, constructs and ego-driven states of being. In the unraveling, we begin to recognize our true nature and how to rebuild based upon a solid foundation that is formed by truth, divinity and principles that resonate with us, that aid in our personal journeys across uncharted territories, bringing us ever closer to our highest selves and self-mastery.

Some of us transform and awaken abruptly and chaotically, which was my case over all. Some of us ease into this unfolding like dandelion seeds in the wind, flowing from one revelation to the next with grace. Some of us do not awaken and remain unaware that change is taking place all around us, at a quickened pace.

No one is behind nor ahead.

There is no race.

There is no finish line.

The journey is eternal.

And so are we.

In my next leg of my journey, I am going to focus on building the new and less on fighting a dying system which awakening souls are recognizing at alarming rates. As it has been professed to me, I will be at the forefront of a paradigm shift in the mental health system. The signs are here and the path is clearing after 8 years of muddling through angrily, resentfully and blindly.

My energy has changed. My focus has shifted. My vibration has been raised. My awareness has grown. My approach is in alignment.

As vibrational and energetic beings, we can send out what we wish to the Universe, but what really matters is the intention held within each request. Will it serve our highest good? Will it foster growth and transformation? How strongly do I believe I will receive? How open am I to receiving? Am I ok with surprises? And how willing are we to carry out a purpose that may quite possibly be the ultimate challenge for each of us on a personal level?

In this state, I am manifesting that which I intended decades ago. It’s not that the answers and solutions weren’t there, it’s simply that I wasn’t in conscious alignment years ago. And just because we ask for something to manifest, doesn’t mean it will always come in the form we expect. It’s almost laughable to assume otherwise. But, not to worry, because I can almost guarantee it’ll be beyond our wildest dreams.

I know it has been in mine. So much so, I am deeply humbled and grateful for all experiences that awarded me time for intense internal work, despite the pain. I wouldn’t be where I am at without it and these experiences have uniquely shaped me in such a way that I can now pay it forward and express my gifts confidently.

As I release this grip and fight, I also release all future prediction of how this will come to be in time. All I know, is that I see the patterns and I see the signs. Healing remains at the forefront, for in order to be a part of such a monumental shift, I must first shift and shake within.





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