Branded | Vision

This is a vision about my origins. Perhaps a past life. Perhaps a symbolic reflection of where I am appointed in the present. Perhaps a future life in the making, birthing forth lone wolf warriors. Something to sink my teeth into…

Vision | February 18th, 2018 | Music – Ohm Zone 432 Hz


They took her by surprise … the Egyptians dressed in Roman-linked chains and armor, forging through her body, thrusting, as if to heal her from within her womb.

Hands inside her, undulating and pulsating her organs, as the skin without danced to a steady beat.

The wolf pup, between two angelic giants with steal wings, walked with a sacred gait alongside them. In their midst, as if to be eternally protected.

Soft snow graced their fur and feathers, as the three trudged on. Two angels on high, one wolf below.

The angels laid the sacrificial wolf pup on its axis, where it sunk further into soft, wet and weighted snow and ice. They stripped the pup and cut a slit lengthwise down his side and through the pup’s fur, drawing a line down the middle where they lay their hands within, akin to his mother’s womb only moments before. Warmth radiated through the atmosphere, sending a veil of heat between their fingers and his flesh.

To the flesh within, the armored angels took a singeing steel, crescent moon and branded the pup’s muscles underneath the fascia. The snow cracked and sizzled as he winced in pain.

Sewn back up, he lay to heal.


From day one.

Left as a mark on his own territory, alone.

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