Memories Faded.

Automatic Writing Session, November 11th, 2017.

Memories faded as you forgave me for sitting on the fence. The edge of reason becomes a balancing act, but most don’t have the stamina to hold out long enough to see that when you fall, you land safely amongst the trees; only to climb back up and try again. Most don’t know the tricks. Most settle into this momentary comfort, which lasts a lifetime; a routine so bland it makes their tongue forget the sweetness of new horizons.

Memories faded as I forgave you for calling me out; this push is for our own good as one who holds the vision; the bigger picture never looked so good on us. We play dress up and act like the adults we always longed to be, only to discover that growing young is where life hides in its shell and bursts forth like rolling waves, crashing a’shore.

Memories faded as you forgave me for blurring the microscopic thin line between complete foolishness and brilliant creativity. A razor-thin edge caught between their reality and your dream; a dream where all that drives your soul forward lies unwrapped in a gift that only you can open.

Memories faded as they unraveled and unfurled as I forgave you for being blind. Where the eye of the beholder lies in pure consciousness, where X marks the spot and the treasures are waiting to be revealed. I never did quite understand why you preached for me to press on, while you stay behind, collecting bread crumbs to follow. After all, knowing the end, why wouldn’t they run ahead? I suppose in reliving the journey, one finds fresh perspectives, or perhaps you have been here before me. Like freshly fallen snowflakes, no two are alike, even as they melt into one; two, half of the other, uniting in the pool of existence from which they came.

Memories faded beyond the horizon, where lives were half-lived in the space between reality and a dream. Go forth into the dream. Go forth into the horizon. Memories become your safety net when you jump off the fence and walk the line.

Charred Atlas
Charred Atlas –

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