Poseidon | Vision

Vision | November 2017 | Music – God is a DJ, Faithless


Did you know that the word Hippocampus was derived from the Greek word, HIPPOKAMPOI (Hippocamps) which are Fish-tailed horses of the sea, four of which drew the chariot of Poseidon?

“The hippocampus has a unique shape, similar to that of a horseshoe. It not only assists with the storage of long term memories, but is also responsible for the memory of the location of objects or people. We would not even be able to remember where our house is without the work of the hippocampus. It’s function is to processing long term memory and emotional responses.”

I just learned this fascinating detail after having a wild vision through healing and clearing work.

A tsunami was heading from the East toward our Eastern shore. It was not scary, it was waves of shimmering blue and gold under the stars, rolling in. Not to be alarmed.

Before it reached the shore, I was drowning in the sea. Poseidon’s hand (larger than life) lifted from the sea floor and broke through the surface exposing his fingers in an outstretched manner. Suddenly I saw a gigantic black horse rise from the sea and it was risen up kicking wildly in the air. Then Poseidon lifted a hidden plate from the Earth’s crust and gently set it down on the shore so I could climb onto it.

The rest of the vision was like a story unfolding out to sea on the Pacific where the vision ended. From the moment I was saved by Poseidon’s hand, I was plane on a journey westward through America. Key National Parks, to be exact.

In the middle of America, I found myself IN Yellowstone National Park, the first of its kind. There I fought an enormous black serpent that transformed into a dragon. From There, I was swiftly brought to Yosemite in California, specifically to Bridal Falls, where my true nature was unveiled and where a union was consummated under Bridal Falls. The falls shimmered under the sun as golden and white played off my long, blonde hair.

Suddenly I was in the middle of the Pacific, more North than West. Here, I saw a lotus, violet in color. When I reached it, it spun slowly counter clockwise and suddenly opened up, as if in full bloom. From the center, radiated a rainbow that reached through the atmosphere into space, where it met a black hole and spun out through wild, vibrant colors through the secret that lay beyond.

Immediatley following this vision, I sensed this was indicative of or a representation of our/my fate..

First, Chaos.

Then, Strength to honor and protect the Authentic Self.

Action. Putting our words into actions and service.

Union. A union with our Divine Nature and Higher Self.

Transformation and Blessings Bestowed.

Fate and Future. A sort of exodus from our current states and return to our true divine nature, comes to mind in a very concise and potent manner.


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