Written October 2017. I am reposting this piece I wrote because this notion of striving to always be a better version of ourselves was implied in therapy, yesterday. Since when was it not okay to just be okay? …

“All of you have been coming through what you would see to be challenges, the narrow part of the hourglass, the bit of squeezing. It is a place of gifting, but it does not always feel as a gifting. It is a place where there will be clarity about priorities, about what is important in a lifetime. For you have questioned, “Why am I here? Surely there is more to life.”

This was posted recently on a page and I have some questions. First of all, I don’t prefer the term ‘all,’ as not all of us see everything as an insurmountable challenge, but instead, as an oppurtunity. But this isn’t about dismantling the quote in question.

I am wondering, who is to say that we have not arrived? And, when is it okay to admit that we have arrived at this place of contentment, where the sand has sifted through this narrow channel, and where time has stood still…for at least the time being? We speak so much about the journey, the challenges we face, the opportunities we take and the stamina we need in order to further our potential…to arrive at this authentic self, so to speak…to become self actualized, in the terms of Maslow – the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone., Notes from the Universe, said it best when describing what it is like to begin to settle into our potential, “Random awkwardness, unexpected shyness, feared inadequacy and occasional blushing are just few of the signs that a giant is settling into their greatness.”

Yet, we seem to hear little about what it’s like upon arrival and what to do in the midst of falling head over heels into our newly-found ‘greatness.’

In my experience, I have come across many naysayers, unbelievers and doubters, who claim they know my path better than I do myself and tell me I have not arrived to this state. Granted, once I arrived, I did see more mountain ranges to traverse in the horizon, but quite frankly, and against what these doubters believe, I am quite happy with where I am at this moment. In the NOW. And after my journey thus far, I need to rest and simply BE for some time before I feel the need to turn this proverbial hourglass on its head and set time in motion once more.

Isn’t that goal, anyway? So, why so much judgment when one says they have arrived? Why the discouragement? Why the disbelief and doubt? I for one, try to meet someone where they are at. If they are struggling, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are in the midst of squeezing through or behind in anyway. Life, the journey to enlightenment and self actualization are all an infinite spiral in my eyes, continuing on and on for the rest of time.

These moments where we gain clarity, vision and kudos for hard work thus far should be celebrated. Let’s be wary of calling ourselves lazy, delsuional or arrogant.

What’s wrong with being happy and content?

It is okay to rest. It is okay to just be happy, content, ecstatic…

“In poll after poll, we’ve discovered that perhaps the very best thing about being truly enlightened is possessing the rapturous feeling of wanting to explode out of your skin with absolute joy, letting rip a couple of those “Oh yeah, Momma, Hallelujah!”s, yet being able to effortlessly contain yourself, without expressing so much as a hint of your ecstacy around those who just wouldn’t understand.”

“Just thought you’d like to know.”

“Tallyho, The Universe”

“P.S. – Oh, the secrets of illumination … what a trip, huh?”




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