Kirtan Circle.

“With roots in the Vedic anukirtana tradition, a kirtan is a call-and-response style song or chant, set to music, wherein multiple singers recite or describe a legend, or express loving devotion to a deity, or discuss spiritual ideas. … kirtan is sometimes accompanied by story-telling and acting.”

I had just been researching vibrational frequency and how sounds and music and light therapy effect the chakra system and aid in healing, when a dear and vibrant friend of mine from Refuge Recovery asked me to join her in meditation in a Kirtan Circle last night.

My old self would have backed out, because let’s face it, anything new and unfamiliar is a bit daunting. However, on this new quest for alternative healing and a new lease on life, I decided to tag along for the ride, consciously reminding myself to stay present during the practice and enjoy it for what it was…a communion of people from all walks of life, joining together in meditation and ancient chanting with the aid of a musical instruments, mantras and vibration.

The purpose of Kirtan is to leave a sacred space for us to journey into healing, love, contentment and sense of oneness with all things through sound, vibration and sacred chanting, which directly mirrors what I have been researching and my overall state of being these days. It never ceases to amaze me how the Universe opens up pathways and opportunities to connect when our hearts and minds are open to new experinces for growth.

We ended up getting soaked as we walked through a storm on our way to the yoga studio where this meditation was taking place. Instead of us bitching and complaining, we took it by stride and actually enjoyed the cleansing aspect of the rain on our way. There wasn’t much we could do about it, and we instead thanked the powers that be that we had an opportunity to feel something so refreshing before hand. Had there been music in the streets, we surely would have danced.

Speaking of dancing, I actually felt comfortable enough to sway to the vibrational sounds of our voices during the chants and even danced in my seated pose as the rythym picked up from time to time. Being sensitive to energies in the room, it’s hard not to. There is beauty in letting go and surrendering to the process and I feel I’m doing it rather effortlessly which is a welcomed relief.



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