That isn’t how it was supposed to go. You can’t just walk into my life through a dream and let go. I don’t have nightmare to replace you.

There are times you show your face again. Shame on you for having thin skin that bruises at the slightest act of truth.

I’ll never understand fully what made you run. But I understand more everyday it wasn’t me that ran from what if’s toward wandering eyes.

I spoke too soon but even still, this charge wasn’t meant for your gates that disappear the minute someone opens them.

You were afraid, not rightly so.

Grow, boy. Upward. Onward and still forth some more.

I beg to wonder now who came further in this, as our 40th reigns in new adventure. Which of us is more prepared?Who among us has worked harder than the rest?

Does it matter?

I may never know.

And I don’t care.

Unless you show up uninvited.



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