Unconditionally Falls Short Tonight.

Unconditionally falls short tonight, tempting disgust back through the door with rushing water polluted from resentment that floods over the threshold of where I once kept it at bay, giving you try after try.

But I never had a chance to unleash it all because the veins opened up to the venom that sucked us dry.

Like a thief that I allowed into my home, you robbed me of everything I worked toward, luckily not too late. Knowing I was wrestling something much bigger than you’d ever become, I grasped for the remnants left behind.

Not even the seed went missing as I buried it in the ground, where I was left alone to grieve for that which binds.

Bound to me in the tempered wings of wards where I searched for promises never kept. We were supposed to build, not destroy our future that surrendered and wept. Trying to save you one more time was the last that I could do for you but the blood runs thicker than the water I am to heal your wounds. I was thrown out to the wolves for saving grace and fire. Your own turned on me when truth walked the wire. I question my faith in this as I am tempted to turn the key. The destination, hell, as far as my mind can see. Like a projection, you accused me of that which you’ve done yourself. There, there, leave it to rot on the shelf.

To know is one thing but to walk it requires a new strength I’ve yet known.

To beg my pardon would sustain me and is something you ought to own.

Unconditionally falls short tonight.




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