Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Next time someone says I have too much time on my hands, I’m just gonna say, “yup and thanks for noticing.” It’s how I once built a career by fiddling with a paint program at the age of 11. It’s how I now can finally travel to see friends I’ve made all over the globe by simply connecting and reaching out for help 8 years ago. It’s how I got published and why I continue to write, which all started with one word on a blank piece of paper 5 years ago. It’s how people develop expertise and share passion with the world. It’s how musicians compose, sing and play the songs you love. It’s how artists create pieces you treasure. It’s how writers help you escape into other worlds. It’s how movies are made that blow your mind. It’s how chefs whet your palette and inventors change our world. It’s how people develop technology that you couldn’t live without. It’s how scientists develop cures that could save you. It’s how volunteer work can help thousands. It’s how these little things called dreams and ideas build amazing futures. We take some time that we have on our hands and we use it. And you guessed it, it takes time. Sometimes diligently in the corner of your garage and sometimes boldly on a mountain top that you trained years to climb. Or here’s an idea…perhaps silently in the deepest recesses of your mind, sitting on a couch and staring out the window while eating a bag of cheetos and brainstorming with a friend on chat.


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