Event Horizon.

The Event Horizon is a point of no return – the edge of something big. I’m there. It’s a turning point for me. Have you ever stopped to thank the Universe for being exactly where you had wished to be years ago? Many times, we tend to not even notice the subtle changes day to day, but when we look back in hindsight, we see how much growth actually occurred.

Luckily, I am in a state of mind where I’m aware enough to see this change as it is happening in the moment. Still, it’s daunting because I spent 10 years dreaming up this reality that I’m now in and it’s go-time!


In the end, I was never up against anyone but myself and here I am, having to prove it. That can be scary, especially when you have goals that mental health issues and addiction will rob of you with absolutely no remorse. Story of my life for a decade.

I am rising from the ashes after spending time in what felt like a ten-year coma. Sobriety and stability are key and finding alternative routes to healing is what is making all of this possible. I’m really allowing myself to fall into landslide here as I soak in the reality of a dream come true. And it’s just the beginning.

Today was exceptional, whereas this time last year, I was face down in psychosis in some hospital somewhere. I had a beautiful drive through the country to meet a friend at her home for dinner. I haven’t had wheels for 4 years. So, with a new car, a whole new world has opened up to me.

Later this evening, I got some meetup.com emails in my inbox and by chance took a look. I usually ignored them up until now because I wasn’t quite ready to put my words into actions. But today, I felt different. I felt confident.

Took a bite and joined a forest bathing class this week that I’ve seen swimming around in my mail. It is wilderness meditation with gentle walking. Time to soak up some of mother nature’s energy! Saturday, I’ll be attending meditation session I’ve never tried – Qigong, which is gentle movements and mediation that promotes blood flow, a sense of well-being and deep breathing. Baby steps for me, physically. Tomorrow, I’m participating in an acupuncture and sound vibrational healing session with Tibetan singing bowls that will help to relieve pain, align chakras and balance the body, mind and spirit. I hope to write up a detailed piece about this session in particular, including the science bit. It’ll be learning for me, too.

Later this afternoon, I received an invite to a group that promotes the Illuminate Festivals across the U.S. this spring and summer. I decided to check it out the agenda and it didn’t disappoint. They had me at holistic healing!

Illuminate Festivals

Energywork • Bodywork • Intuitive • Readers • Crystals • Essential Oils •
Luxurious Spa Products • Handmade Jewelry & Gifts • Art

Three events happen to be relatively close and lucky me, they are accepting applications for exhibitors to one that hasn’t been filled up. So, I’ve sent my application, along with art samples, off to the powers that be and should hear back soon.

No sooner had I sent that in, did the organizer for the Phoenixville Firebird Festival email me about an artist opportunity in town in June. It is the Phoenixville Art, Street Festival on historic Bridge Street. Music, food and local artists combine efforts for an experience that is right up my alley. All that is required for that is a small fee and the rest is history on that one!

These events may seem easy for someone who is an artist that leans heavily into the art of natural and spiritual healing, but I assure it isn’t that simple for me. In Refuge Recovery, the Buddhist based recovery program, I’ve learned a deeper understanding into what it means to be consciously aware of my actions within each moment. And this has helped me make better decisions everyday, minus a few slip-ups. I am purposefully and mindfully making positive choices that I know will help me stay sober, have fun and feel productive and alive. Meeting new, like-minded people is also something new to me and thus far, I’ve had a blast and the more I subject myself to this, the easier it becomes and the faster my insecurities and isolation disappears.

I cannot stress how important it is for me to feel whole and to feel like I’m part of something bigger than myself.

Thank you, Universe. I am listening. I am blessed. I am changing. I am aware, alive and well.


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  1. dolphinsway7 says:

    I believe in you, miracles and one on the same. Wow! I am blessed to witness you from a far.

    Blessings of peace, love and gratitude,


    Sent from my iPhone


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    1. OnTheRocks says:

      Thank you, Will! So much gratitude for your influence. 💖 Have a wonderful day in the Cove.


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