Hello, Life! Goodbye, Zombie.

Life can’t be all about recovery, even if it is necessary. There has to be a dose of fun, a tincture of madness and a dollup of creative expression in there somewhere! Part of my personal journey to healing is a balance of dedicated recovery work and fun.

I think this is what has been missing for 15 years or more. Although I’ve had bouts of creative fun here and there over the years, I was mostly a zombie inside…and a pickled one at that. I was simply too focused on how to fix what was wrong … versus focusing more on fostering growth in all that was right.

I am literally throwing myself at life right now and the Universe is responding immediately! It is amazing to me how loyal it is when we participate in life and especially in those things that can our flames in positive light. Doors seem to open up everywhere.

I am officially becoming a member of a local creative group that focuses primarily on writing. However, they also combine artistic expression, networking, yoga and meditative walks along a very large trail system by the river.

Perfect. Absolutely spot on, Creative Light!

Creative Light Factory is a hub for writers that promotes the local arts and literary community. Affordable, secure workspace is available for writers of all levels, as well as, education and support through workshops, classes, coaching, and community. We are located in a renovated knitting mill in the midst of twenty-two artist and photographer studios in Spring City, PA. You can almost hear the creative energy sing!

See ya on the flip!


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