Unfollow Me.

He escaped into freedom and we should have let him go because at the threshold of every door were ghosts of chaos just waiting to get in. And they were your demons. Residue wiped clean, I was attracted to what I knew … the path of least resistance.

He could have been us, but he was me. I escaped into fields so high I had to leap my way across the grass far enough away from the simmering bones so I couldn’t hear your cries.

When someone escapes your shackles, bounding into grace, let them go. Let them not only taste freedom, but also let them roll away with it.

This was as it was with every ounce of control you tried to muster. Always releasing as a tease and pulling us back in for temporary torture. We fell for it because you dropped scraps on the floor.

I was proud of him that day. So happy for him, I cried. Yet it was me who held him in my arms to bring him back home into a calderon of confusion, haste and waste.

He could have been us, but he was me.

I’m gone now and so are you. But I escaped with life in my bones and a head on my shoulders.

There’s tapping at my doorstep tonight, but my will is strong. I’ve created a life that attracts quality as I define it, bringing about that which honors peace, understanding and patience. This life rejects all else, even if it simply be in my head. The weight of what I’ve learned is too heavy to bare anything but.

I reject voyeurs. I distrust wolves in sheep’s clothing. I vomit out untruths and rumor. If I have not spoken and neither you, please do me a favor and let it be. I do not rack in the numbers for I’m not a pitch. I do not strive for happiness for life without you has always been just that. I protect myself fiercely from prying eyes and judgement because I’ve swam in it all too long, drowning in this washboard cycle.

If you see me running for the hills, let me run and do not run after this idea that you care for my well being.

Do not follow me.

Unfollow me.

He could have been us, but he was me.

Wild. Unbound. Free.


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