A Lesson in Mindfulness Before it was Cool.

Not many pix to show from France or London. In fact, I have none left. But I was there. 100%. And I remember it all.

It’s mostly because we were 20/year-olds in 2001. Even using the latest in digital cameras, we didn’t take pictures like we do today. I was enrolled in photography courses at that time where we used SLR’s and Film. Even to this day, not much surpasses old-school technique and art. I miss it, crave it, and hope to return to it because it stands the test of time and will always be.

Which makes me sound like a damn fool up against masters.

This was back in 2001-ish. One of our leading guides and professors made a speech about how cameras ruin the experience of being immersed in history, culture and the experiences as it happens and to be aware. It’s true. It may not seem like a lot, but a little snap shot here, and a thousand there, actually do take away from the NOW in the whole experience. And that was … back in the day.

Although, he’d probably argue that my shot of him and his future wife wrestling pigeons at Notre Dame was one of the best, he was still dead set against photos. I don’t remember the reaction, I remember the moment.

He was talking about mindfulness and ahead of his time.

Although, if he heard that term now, he’d probably cringe.

Regardless of belief, it brings us all peace.

There’s such a pressure to be Insta-Glam. Have the best shots, best video, best destination, best life, best venue, best food, best yoga pose or prose, best pet, best kids, best love or lack there of, best story, best hot mess … or,

Best ego ever!

When we’re taking these shots, think about what we are focused on and why every shot brings us this anxiety and this rushed feeling that we may not even be aware of. Every shot.

Think hard.

Think deep.

Our focus is on the future…

Our focus is on perfection…

How will this be perceived, how many likes will I get, what will people think of me/us now?

If we were in the present moment, we wouldn’t even be thinking about our focus nor anyone else.

Because the present …

Just is.

As is.

No pressure. (No lie). No one.

And that was probably the single most important thing I learned on that trip way ahead of its time.

The present …

comes and goes without agenda.

A lesson in mindfulness.

Before it was cool.

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