Knock, Knock.

Passion calls us forth into action.

Passion evolves. Passion moves. Passion simmers until it boils. Passion strives. Passion pushes. Passion changes. Passion pokes and prods. Passion speaks. Passion walks through its own flames, screaming loud enough to be heard.

But, passion also calls us to rest. revive or recoup … long enough to digest. 

This is still a form of action.

(you are not lazy)

(you are not boring)

(you are not worthless)

Passion never dies.

It may be dormant. It could be sleeping. It is most certainly observing. It is usually out gathering. It is practicing being mindful. It was caught red-handed restoring and regenerating. It is trying to sustain you. It is playing a balancing game on your behalf. It probably needed to be cleansed and detoxed. It loves to learn and it is always evolving.

It may be getting up the nerve to knock on your door again, because, sooner or later … they always come back, right?

Hope you’re well-rested when they do.








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