Where are the mountains?

You are them and they are you.

Where is the sea?

One day, you’ll also be.

Where are the flames that kissed the leaves?

In the ashes of our remains.

Where has the wind gone and the cool crisp air?

Out of your breath, way up there.

Who scattered the stars and lassoed the sun?

You at once, for you’re always one.

Where is the moon that lights our way?

At play, my dear, at play, at play.

Who has the eyes that see through me?

Forever you, as you will always be.

Forever evolving and never dissolving.

Expanding this way and that, here and there.

Where time stands still and yet neither exists anywhere.

Beyond right and wrong, there was always one.

You were a part of the beginning and shall forever be,

A part of all and a part of me.






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