Waiting for a reply is not as excruciating as it had been in the past. It is exhilarating, for I am already there. Visualizing. Manifesting. I am on the shore, quietly sifting ancient stones through my hands and letting them tumble into crystal clear waters that lap at my feet. No two alike, yet all standing the test of time. Stones that no one has ever touched in a land where I can truly experience what it means to be the first and the last. I feel honored that I have been invited as a guest on their journey. I feel their life and energy seep through my core, empowering me to claim my truth. Accepting that light and dark shape the other, the elements of humility and pride at war – ever-softening the edges chipped away from the origin of life, tumbled onto this very shore as an undeniable record that plays for only those who wish to listen.


Surrounded by a world without, that mirrors my world within. A place where the assault from a thousand and one voices is drown out by the humble and ever-present truths, patiently spoken through Mother Nature’s prose.

Clarity from the source.

There can be no greater gift.

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