Reiki – Let’s Get Real.

I have never once experienced a Reiki session that didn’t leave me with a feeling of complete and utter peace. I have had distant, hands-on, hands-off. I shook in some, cried in others and saw visions or have heard messages in all.

Since some of you may not be familiar with Reiki, let me just briefly explain how my session today went, which is actually not typical.

For one, the owner is clairaudient, meaning not only is she clairvoyant, but she also hears messages in real time, as an ongoing conversation. God bless, because I couldn’t imagine the onslaught, especially knowing what it feels like in mania and psychosis. To be able to peacefully sort through every thought and message, and to tell a story to someone else that uplifts and empowers, is above and beyond anything I have yet to experience. I channel, yes, but I am still on very shaky ground because I have been taught not to trust it at all. Those days are gone, and I am starting out on this journey as a hopeful, expectant noob.

In any case, back to the session. It is $100. But it is 2 hours long, for good reason. You lay down on a massage table, face-up and she begins to assess your chakras. Are they blocked, open, or unbalanced? My Crown was wide open. My Third Eye was unbalanced and every single one of the rest were completely blocked. And trust me, I have felt this for a while now.

She then applies hands as energy to each area and begins to work on each, collecting info she literally ‘hears’ along the way. When we reach beyond the Root, she is now at the legs, where she then collects the meat of the message, the summary so to speak and very poignant and in-tune messages from guides, etc… at this time.

After this is over, she walks away to write down what she has heard. For me, today, it was 5 pages long. I was invited to write down anything I heard or saw, and I did. She then reads this and we simply have an open conversation about it all. Everything she revealed, I had something to say and then after I said what I needed to, it flawlessly led into the next message. No skips. No fucking around and no bullshit.

I was brought to tears many times, especially after the chakra healing part was finished. I just laid on the table and cried while she wrote. I thought of my Maternal Grandfather at this time and remembered the day I proclaimed or sensed that I would be the end of a cycle of alcoholism/mental illness. I remember that day clearly. If it happens, it will even stun me. I specifically recalled his face, sitting over a bowl of porridge.

I will make is short, but on the last page, where she described what she heard, felt and sensed on my legs, she said your right leg brings a Grandmother, Native American Ancestor and she can always be contacted and you already know how to do that. She is helping you and guiding you. She is working with you in dream time, but it is now time to consciously call on her in waking life to access ancient divine wisdom. She is sacred. Of course it kept everything for me not to leap off the table and shout. There was much more to it, messages of empowerment, and messages to bite fear in the ass, and to move forward.

On the left leg… she told me, “this brought forth your grandfather, your Mom’s Father.” I didn’t tell her about recalling my ‘pact’ or that I had pictured him. Nothing. He laughed about how I hated school and knew it was a waste of time, so on and so forth. Saying I was wise beyond my years. He focused on laughs to alleviate any residual fear, and then went into the meat of this, where he brought up specific names that had to do with this revolution that I now find myself walking within. It’s an awakening, and now there is no doubt about it. Focus on the big picture and not the small pieces that brought you here. HAVE FUN!!

He said, “Do not fear your path, for it is divine.”

Below, is the only the first page, transcribed, from my instructors writing. We both agreed that not only is it a very specific message, but it is also a timely message for everyone.

“Seek not retribution for unkind words or actions.” Dear One, we wish to speak to you today about the importance of these words. At the heart of energy contained within these words is the idea of “Non-Reaction.” It is important now to allow yourself to watch, almost from a 3rd-party perspective, how you ‘react’ to certain life experiences.

As you watch from a neutral vantage point, do not judge your reaction but allow yourself to learn and grow. Ultimately, we would like to see you, and all, get to a state of non-reaction.

Even non-reaction is a state of reaction, and that is okay. for non-reaction allows for you to play the role of the observer and takes the ’emotional charge’ out of the experience.

Being ‘observed’ – allowing for more neutrality within the experience itself. Neutrality allows for less polarity and it is in this place that human kind is moving towards as they evolve.

I should mention, that while she was healing the right leg, where she had a vision of the sacred Native, I had a sudden vision of iridescent peacock feathers, that morphed into a wing that suddenly wrapped around my right calf (she hadn’t told me about her visions or insights at this point). Then there was a boot on that foot, made of feathers. Not unlike Talaria, the winged boots of Greek Gods. On the end of the boot was a writing pen, almost as if it were the ‘rocket of the entire foot’ … with a feather pen at the end, as if it were the exhaust. This was my way forward. I knew it instinctively.

As we walked out from the back room that overlooks a river flowing through ancient boulders left behind by the last ice age, we passed a table with a vase. In that vase spread out for all to see, were peacock feathers.

Photo by Dyaa Eldin on Unsplash

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  1. Lorene says:

    Pretty amazing experience, dear Liz… you are so open to testing new and uncharted territory which is the only way to forge ahead (in my opinion).

    So far as your “channeling” goes, I believe you should give it much more credit and trust the validity of it… I’ve read some of “their stuff” and it is truly amazing, polished, knowledgeable beyond our ken… as well as deeply loving… (I kind of do my own ‘channeling’ by writing to my ‘guides” … received some valuable insights as well gentle reminders to ‘trust the process’…. ).

    Much love to you, dear friend…


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