Note to Self – Let Not One.

Allow yourself to climb from the darkness and embrace light.

Let not one tell you when you are standing on sacred ground and have healed. Decades are enough dear, and it is now time to wipe away the dust and ashes, and to reveal the beauty in your scars that have healed over.

You have much to tame, this is true. This is mainly because you have allowed others to slather untruths on you and within you. At no fault of your own, exhaustion and fear took hold and biding your time became your only survival skill.

Let not one pull you back into depths of their own making. It has been a cycle. You have bent far too long. Do not shrink to make anyone comfortable. In this, we are asking to accept a rigid sword to lean on and to not let go. It is called boundaries and we know that you already know that this is of utmost importance. With that being said, not much is going to sway you if you remember to stand firm in the truth of your own being.

You always knew this day would arrive.

We have strengthened your core. We have placed you here for a reason and we will support your calling as it is on your doorstep. As we speak.

Let not one dig into scars only to re-open wounds that they have yet to heal within themselves. This isn’t for you and it is not meant for you. You have done the work. You have fallen and fallen hard, time and time again. And you have risen … every single time.

Do not stoop and hide your face, buckled-down, accepting the onslaught of prophecy others want to throw onto your life. Let not one take you down and instill fear, agitation or reaction. Let not one tell you how it is to be and what to see. Let not one come forth proclaiming they know your path better than you. Let not one assume superiority.

Your time is now. This is the time to rise. To smile with the brilliance that is you. It is time to laugh until you shed the residual weight of perceived fear that you needn’t own any longer. It is time to leap from the rocks, and to tread those waters, and to climb that damn mountain, dive those depths and find that pearl, to sing and hum, shout and proclaim that you have arrived at this point in your life so you could look back and prove to yourself that you indeed have every reason to celebrate and that you indeed have the confidence to move forward!

Light that fire and dance. Trust it, flow with it, learn from it, strengthen and shine. Throw off all else that does not fuel you for the beauty in acceptance of the pure joy that is immeasurably ahead, waiting.

Just for you.


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