this or that.

If this really a glitch in some twisted digital display, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to bow-out early. I have. Many times. Maybe we are A.I. castaways from a future we didn’t intend to invent. Gaming was never my thing, anyway. If I were to set out to play the game, why not do it for real?

So I do … welcome to dreamtime.

Dreams are much too real to ignore anymore. Much too real to be considered ‘just a dream … just a figment of our imagination.’ In them, I’ve crossed a barrier where those games within this matrix of life no longer exist and an altered reality reigns, where higher consciousness is almost a thing of the past, because those of us, who have crossed, have all long forgotten the angst of where we once sought to be.

It’s an archaic concept here, but still significant. It speaks of a time in which we wanted more. A time we reached beyond. A time we had to sit still with ourselves and question existence. A pause. A reflection. A full-on stop. To find answers. And to be faced with those answers.

And they blew our minds because it was a time in which many of us may call, “now.”

Higher Consciousness no longer exists here, in the future (which by means of here, I obviously speak of “now”) because we are exactly that. In this time and space, And as it was in any state of being, it is hard to describe what you are in any given moment where you are not reaching or striving for something much higher than you see yourself to be.

But I will do my best.

(to be cont … )



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