You cannot ask me to come clean against judgement that no one has experienced before, especially when you know nothing more than they do themselves. Although, they have judged. Many times. Many places. Many years ago. They sit there, standing for us in solidarity, yet know nothing of our suffering. It’s blindingly and erroneously hypocritical at best; simply, completely, and forevermore devastatingly detrimental at its worst.

I have been changed forevermore

The darkness you brought couldn’t compare to that within. Yet, it burnt me. Scorched me. And torched me. Until I had no choice but to leap to a truth that spoke of concepts with which I was most familiar, where scarred skin was doused in a fiery salve, only to heal like a somersault, over and over again. Where souls reigned and egos died. Where fear was put to rest under the trickling of truth and waterfalls of wanderlust. To a place much further than this plane where you choose to exist.

I have been changed forevermore.

Your blinded reality is what pushes me ahead, and my unbounded and unrelenting search for that which lies beyond is what makes you, somehow, question your stance … even in anger, which is  always gnawing at my bones, as if I did something wrong beneath my discovery. In that, we need one another, regardless of the foot we chose to so firmly plant in secret retribution.

If in some small way, a seed is planted, let it be from this – The clash between the one foot planted here, as it is seen from most today (earth), and the other foot that floats on, as if none of this mattered (air).

None of it ever did, yet we made it so. And here we are.

We have been changed forevermore …

By our differences.

(to be cont …)


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