Reiki Revelations & Reminders.

Notes to Self from Alicia | Reiki Session March, 2020

Notes to Self from Self –

Major upswing in energetic levels – overwhelming and head felt buzzed all the time. Constant ear ringing, visions and downloads. Not understanding where or why it was coming but you knew something was coming. Perhaps to prepare you for the world crisis.

As she was writing these notes, you were on the massage table, silently crying and recalling your ‘pact’ with your Maternal Grandfather about ending the cycles of addiction/mental illness on an energetic/faith-based level. Later, she mentions he came through and reminded you that this a beautiful time and to inject joy and fun into this evolution of your soul.

Peacock Feather vision of them wrapping around your leg and foot with a pen sticking out of the heel, as if exhaust to catapult you further in your journey through writing. Look up Greek Mythology. On walking out of the space, you noticed peacock feathers in a vase on a table. Same time – writing about Native Grandmother Ancestor.

Third Eye vision of a sickly green mist clouding the vibrant indigo and gold coming through. Directly related to alcohol and chakra blockages.

Paul is your spiritual awakenings/shades of awakening buddy who is also writing a book about his experiences. Stay connected, share and have fun with this. You both are doing this for the right reasons and offering up knowledge, insights and revelations freely. This is key to authentic spiritual giftings…no amount of money would ever deter you from this natural state meant for all to hear. Throat chakra – speak your truth. Practice with Paul.

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