Point of Impact.

Peer Specialist Training is one of the most challenging and impactful turning points in my life thus far and it is only day 4. I have always had a knack for holding the bigger picture in my mind and sensing monumental things to come, even if I was walking blindly at times and exhibiting behaviors that were steeped in contradiction. This, however, took me by complete surprise and it will continue to do so. It’s quite like tripping and falling into the fast track to ongoing personal transformation, evolution and radical personal redemption, once and for all. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to finally exhale and truly look forward to what’s to come.
To give back, to support and validate dynamic individuals who are walking through mental health issues that I have experienced (on different levels) and to finally be able to blend my core beliefs, personality, energy and passion in such a way that encourages others to find their own personal walk through the journey of self-discovery, independence and recovery, is a dream come true.
I believed finishing my book was my dream come true. I was hyper-focused on my book for years on end. I stopped writing it about 2.5 years ago because something major was missing and this decision, to take this leap of faith, was it – the first stepping stone. On the flipside is a golden ticket, confirming I have leveled up in my own personal game perfectly orchestrated for me. The writing came to a halt because I felt I wasn’t moving forward with blind faith in this bigger picture where I was finally putting it all into practice and proving to myself while modeling to others in need that recovery, passion and purpose are possible. To thrive instead of survive. To inspire instead of tire. To honor myself with my voice versus shutting down in silence. To bow down in humility and be open to growth, ideas, alternative perspectives and love every minute of it is the missing link for this story, “Cadence” – A rise and fall – progression of chords moving to a harmonic close, point of rest, or sense of resolution.
Once the final chapter comes to a close and that book is finally shut, I know damn well that that moment will be yet another new beginning in the evolution of my life. I can only imagine, although I have a sneakin’ suspicion.
Little leaps of faith lead to wildly unexpected places.
And it’s worth the risk.

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