Healing Spirit Cafe.

I know I keep talking about Healing Spirit Cafe, but it’s truly magic. What I love about the folks who frequent this shop on the rocks is that most speak to your healed person within vs focusing on what you need healing from, downfalls, or negative energy that you may feel is enveloping you. Solutions instead of Problems. High vibe. Of course it’s important to be aware (extremely important and this awareness does not come without pain, grief or struggle…we know the reality of transformation) … but we needn’t live in this state.
Every time I walk in that door, I am reminded, immediately, that our highest-self exists. I sometimes walk in and feel I am being greeted by those that already know she exists and those that welcome me back home. It’s almost as if they knew I was coming.
It’s a profound shift in my recovery. I feel confident that my healed state has already happened and in that, I am washed of fear and anxiety. I start to become her in all ways, gently and compassionately.
It helps to bridge this gap between where we feel we are now and where we are being called. And that gap is kind of the best part, because it is the journey. I am reminded that everything will work out for our highest good if we just take one, small step in the right direction through connection, vulnerability and an open mind/heart.
When you have people surrounding you with confirmation after confirmation and solid evidence that your healed person is there within, you feel empowered and confident that you will match those energies and become that person. It’s amazing.

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