Lift Off.

I remember walking through a brand new Air-Force base with my Grandfather and my Dad. It was set way off in the future. Hearing, from Sleeping at Last, was playing in the background. Little known fact is that I suffer from hearing loss, as well as my Grandmother, his wife, who he couldn’t fathom losing and held onto for years after her passing. The ties to him & her and war, yet another story …

The song and video is the most beautiful portrayal of life after death that I have ever seen. A true lift-off to those that have come before us, passed on their greatness and washed us all clean. Life is paradox.

Stepping aside from that, in the hangar that we were in, were futuristic airplanes and helicopters. All of them read, “RESCUE-HER.” Meaning, “RESCUER.” My dreams always have a creatively back-asswards way of relaying information, and this is a prime example. It was in relation to my state at the time, to rescue me. I looked aside and saw a tire that we used to play in as kids and I saw myself as a child rolling down a hill in that tire. Suddenly all the airplanes and helicopters lifted.

The destination was like nothing we had ever seen. That was fact.

And, the time was now.

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