(Grizzly’s name for you was Mike-eses, so it’s hard to call you Mikey). Before you venture off into your next adventure (beyond excited for you on this one), I ask that you hear us all out one last time. I can pretty much speak for all of us when I say that you were and ARE an amazing man.

I bow down in gratitude for the time we spent together … every day was a holiday and you made that so special with each adventure, every amazing meal, every mind-bending conversation. Thank you for being a rock not only to me, but so many of us. Thank you for your gentle and serene existence. Thank you for your wisdom and your grace. Thank you for your depth and understanding. Thank you for being my best friend and confidant. Thank you for treating everyone and everything as if we were worthy of all the love that you shared with us. I bow down in gratitude and reverence for my time spent with you.

Personal note – “I was sitting on the couch and Grizzly (my dog that Mike knew well) was being extra good, alert and suddenly started playing hard with his orange ball. He even rolled on his back and looked up a few times as if someone were standing above him to fetch and play. I thought then that “He must see someone I don’t.” Mike was Grizzly’s favorite playmate by far. And that orange ball, Mike and Him were like a trio. I won’t forget that “knowing” because it was out of character and I just sensed it. This was hours before I heard he had passed that morning. I truly think it was a visit and I feel so blessed to have shared that moment with them.”

Sorely missed but never forgotten. Carry on. Do well. You are so loved in this life and I am positive that you will play a huge role in what is yet to come. We Love You.


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