Warrior Cry.

The last beacon of light in the turbulence at sea is only made for those that can withstand it all. All that had been before the waves carved her space for such a place. All that had been during their awakening to deeper truths in the midst of chaos where only experience can sooth. All that will be once they come to rest a’shore forever more, forever more.

As the light, she called the warrior within. “Never give in. Never give in.”

Night and Day, marching among us, warriors at sea … always beside us.

Washing a’shore to rest, the light was a guide post for their home, with the idea of roaming just to roam. Cast as a pioneer. Cast at sea to sustain. Cast at sea as slaves. Cast as pickers and slickers and pirates and tyrants and do or do nots! Whether we go out as one or go out as two, we only meet ourselves in the knots of the few.

People will point their way through grief, who’s to blame, who’s to shame, who’s to claim … as the one that tore them under. As captains of our own ships, we are the only ones truly left to wonder.

Truth will uphold the light that called us home. Whether we came for a fight … or space, in peace to die, we gave our life over for the heart of her warrior cry.

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