Reach for Greatness, Not the Bottle.

Feeling super pumped and motivated this morning after an awesome dream this morning centered around moving upward and onward, abundance, fulfilling my soul’s purpose and sobriety.

In the dream, I received a $1,500 loan that was only the beginning. A man gave me a stack of cash and said, “I don’t care what you do with this, go have some fun.” I was in a grand hotel/casino with 1,000 floors. I remember buying gowns for an event and going up to the bellhop to explain that I didn’t know my room number but I knew I was on the 1,000th level (how I put it in the dream).

He shuffles golden key cards and slips mine toward me. Room # 1101. As I left and thanked him, he winked, smiled and said, “That’s why we keep the information here so you won’t lose it.”

I remember knowing that the desk next to the main front desk was selling tropical fish and dealing out multiples of $20’s for every $20 you invested in them. If I gave them $20, they’d multiply it by 3 and hand it back to me, like magic. I remember thinking, I will come back to that “table” and play another round after I dress, explaining to two friends who were now with me to escort me to my room, that “I never lost a round yet!”

In my room, there was a bottle of champagne waiting to be opened. And in my head I wished my friends/angels were not with me so I could just drink it and not go to the event. Immediately, my friends/angels sat out my dresses to choose from. I am always much thinner in my dreams, so they looked great. They knew I wanted to drink the bottle so they wrestled me to the bed and helped me dress in a burnt orange gown with matching choice of shoes and hangers.

Suddenly some dude walks in and out the balcony door and lays on in the sun on top of a picnic table. My friends say, “Oh don’t worry about him, that’s such and such … he’ll be here when you get back.” I understood him to be the Guardian of my room.

Still wanting the drink, I made excuses for my friends to leave and instead of leaving without me, they shuffled me out the door before I could even think about it.


I always feel so uplifted after dreams like this where I can clearly see dream language. Turning something sinister (which I didn’t even go into in this post) into something amazing. Encouraged, Strong, Motivated, Excited and Cared for. Someone was trying to highlight my behaviors and swiftly remind me that destiny is on the other side of that first drink.

I usually see repetitive numbers, but never this specific or large.

1101 – I looked it up and even still have not read a numerology reading that was quite like this one. I resonated with it and it was confirmation of the main message behind the dream.

Angel #1101 – Reach for Greatness

When it comes to angel number 1101, we can say that this number symbolizes enlightenment and it means that it is time to be focused on your soul mission.

Everyone has a purpose here in this world and no one is here by mistake or without a task. And as confused as we are, we might not go very far with fulfilling our purpose of creation on our own and that is why each person has an angel that acts as a guide and passes on information that is helpful when necessary. How do they do this? We take Angel number 1101 as a case sample.

Imagine seeing someone appearing in front of you with wings and glowing like the sun. Imagine the effect it will have on you. Or imagine a voice from the clouds calling out to you and talking to you. How uncomfortable will that be? Angels are in constant communication with us and one of how they pass on information is through the use of numbers.

When you see angel number 1101, it is time for you to be realistic and take your life more seriously. You need to accept things as they come and face your problems head-on. Do not dwell on whatever bad experience you must have had but keep moving forward. Number 1101 will give you the motivation you need to move forward only and overcome whatever is hindering your success.

Do not be tempted to cut corners or use your energy the wrong way. Work hard and be patient because success is on its way. You can’t be great overnight. It takes hard work, the right attitude, and a positive mindset. Your angels are asking you to be responsible in the way you handle situations.

You need to know that persistence pays off. If you give up on your goals, you never know if the next try was the one that would make you succeed. Keep trying and never give up until you have achieved your dreams. Each trial only makes you a better person.”

1101 is a call to look for something great. It is a call that you should look for a higher purpose. You have to build yourself, trust in yourself and also in your angels. Your success is sure, but how you handle situations matter in your dreams coming to reality.

Angel number 1101 doesn’t appear to everyone, so seeing this means you are special and something special lies in wait for you. Having seen this, you need to accept the message and act accordingly so those good things will readily find their way into your life.

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