You may be looking for something poetic, heart wrenching, philosophical or fierce from me tonight, but I have nothing. I am simply taking notes …

I was talking to a friend about my early “psychotic” experiences with philosophical and syfy mind fucks and he dubbed it immediately as a singularity. And although I have heard the scientific term, listen to “that” album on spotify (which is pretty shitty to be honest), and love the idea of its implications … I literally have no idea what that really means. He went on to explain, all points converging into one…like a black hole. All parallels converging. That is basically how he put it.

It also paralleled his idea of reality back in the idea/day, which was fascinating.

Now, let me go back and explain where my mind was when psychosis first hit in 2010 …

I was wildly shifting through trippy states of awareness for weeks on end, so euphoric and powerful that I thought I must have died. No drugs, this was purely a natural unraveling. Think of the movie, Waking Life. Everything had profound meaning and every conversation was a philosophical mind fuck. Music didn’t help the situation. Not even a little bit.

Every conversation was 6 in 1. So, you can imagine how hard it was to exist in a corporate world, or life at all, and have any normal conversation day in and day out, all day long with this sort of mind altering experience – here is how it was …

1.) The reality of the conversation. 2.) The philosophical, metaphorical and universal truth of the conversation. 3.) My interpretation of the realistic, 4.) My interpretation of the philosophical/syfy/universal truth. 5.) My calculated response to both simultaneously as one message that was clear to all. 6.) and my intuitive response to their response … on and on and on.

Someone asking me to fold a piece of paper in half had me spinning my wheels in alternate dimensions.

I stress again. THIS. IS. NOT. MENTAL. ILLNESS.

The only cure for mental illness is to understand that there is no such thing as it. Just because it’s unknown to you, bizarre or incomprehensible does not peg this as an illness. Not in any way shape or form.

It’s a gift.

A beautiful experience such as this should be celebrated. Before a shaman or healer even has as chance to wake up here, Western society, at large, shushes and sedates them into submission for control and regulation out of a notion of fear that masks itself as stamina and masks itself as strength.

It’s a tragedy, but jokes on you because we rise again and again and again. Because of your prayers for exactly what you claim to be insane. You literally prayed for it.

Just wait til the ET’s really show their faces. Then we can all talk.

Because this is all child’s play.

Singularity – In other words, it is a point in which all physical laws are indistinguishable from one another, where space and time are no longer interrelated realities, but merge indistinguishably and cease to have any independent meaning.

A point where all parallel lines meet.

A point at which the derivative does not exist for a given function but every neighborhood of which contains points for which the derivative exists.

Still chewing on all of this. So much to digest and think about. Amazing insight tonight into this phenomena. It was a “reality” check for me at least 5 times in the past decade, 6 months at at time straight through.

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