Intrepid Intruders.

For all that you’ve been through and for all that you’ve seen, for all your realities turned over, sheered and ripped at the seams. For all the shallow-end seekers and for all the tight-lipped preachers, for all the wanders that are stuck in the muck and for all the esteamed split-end teachers, tossed about and branded with scorn, from the birth of the Earth scattered about with remnants that speak the remembrance of when you were born.

For the weary and tired, for the bruised and used, for the sake of your forefathers, that have built a’new, to slash at the face of the forsaken enemy of whom you chose not. Not a person, or a being or anything seen, lest you forgot. The invisible trace of mace and assault on your soul, the one that carries on through, toll after toll.

To come full stop even with a wandering spirit, to sacrifice the sanctified folly for slashing at spines, to gather your pearls and cast them before swine. Come on now, this very day we multiply in numbers to turn fear on its head. This is your duty, to put it to bed.

The never-ending lineage and the eternal bow, of which they know not when they see you, yet, they still wipe the fear from their brows.

Like a ghost on the ship – smart and swift. Intrepid intruders and skillful in tongue, we stand in unison for something better, for something more. It cannot stand divided amongst itself, they will sink into the universal fabric in which we all tore.

We row out from the shallows of shadows into the depths of light that we know to be truth. The fact that we survived is our unyielding proof.

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