Disclosure BREAKdown & Kundalini, Fire it Up!

Lots of small epiphanies popping up which I asked for. Pretty cool stuff. 👽🌙 Just a little sy-fy break from the usual…

I used to volunteer at French Creek and set up many of the tools used for Children’s Science programs held at the park. I remember one day I had to cut and assemble 100’s of star charts for an upcoming star party. Assembling these tools with no understanding, looking out onto the lake as I worked … the same lake where I had my first real and conscious UFO experience, and third “MIB” experience, about 10 years later in the dead of winter and the middle of the night and with a friend as my witness.

I love seeing the connections between events throughout life that lead to the bigger picture. ❤🔥 It creates a never-ending story and that, for me, is simply the main (only) reason why I choose to re-subscribe to this place every morning, with a short “this better be good” clause. The MIB situation is not like the movies. Eerily similar in some respects and yes, I believe it’s a deep govt thing, and no, I don’t believe they’re entirely human … but no memories erased, but who am I to say that doesn’t happen?

Do I care if they want me to be silent? If it’s the govt, no. Obviously because none of them told me so. I only spoke to two of them and when I didn’t obey one, he hopped in his jet black limo and left off with the driver as he sighed and said, “Well, I tried.” The other (first experience) asked if I was playing “hide and seek again.”

The key similarity between all my MIB (govt) experiences was THAT STOIC STARE. No emotion whatsoever. If you think you’re with a dead beat drone, think again … Can’t beat it. It’s palpable from far away. Even at the park, they came not even a minute after the UFO sighting and they were far from us, but you can actually FEEL the STARE … like telepathy. How you FEEL a 100% lack of emotion is beyond me. But it happened. You know beyond a doubt they are there for you. Catatonic. As if looking at you, they’ve seen a ghost themselves. To which I say to them, “Boo.”

Even if they did want silence, I couldn’t care less because I have this long-held belief that spirit and cosmic evolution outwits fear and dishonesty every time and life goes on, and on….and on. And they know it. Plus, the govt’s agenda can’t even begin to hold up to that which is really out there. They already lost when it was not even a game to begin with. And do I think it’s a bad thing? Not even a little bit.

But, the powers that “we think exist NOW” … their arrogance is astounding. Breathless. Their tech is incomprehensible. Yes, I mean that. Think about where we got our own. OUR species will destroy itself. Point blank. With the powers that “think they be,” at the helm.

Call me crazy, I already lost that fucking card years ago. Do you really think I have anything to lose at this point and in this juncture by telling anything but the truth?? They are here and they are coming.

If your agenda is war, reexamine your human mentality and entertain the idea that many species that have been through it all and are far beyond it, have nothing but love, compassion on their side. We all imagine peace and pray for it yet when it’s knocking on our door, we fight it when it comes home. History on repeat.

To ignore it or fight it is complete insanity and arrogance and quite honestly, I don’t want to be among you if that is the case. Shape up or ship out. The key isn’t recycling history. It’s BRUTAL HONESTY. It is owning up to that VULNERABILITY to your extreme defeat as the center of this Universe. Through that we naturally do what is in the best interest of all. All else flows. THIS ENITRE EXISTNECE OF OURS IS ONE ENORMOUS EGO TRIP or a cosmic flea that NEVER stops biting!

Move on. Or we aren’t fucking going anywhere! It isn’t war. It’s to save us from ourselves. Your human mentality of war, fear, disease and destruction is disgusting. Some are literally 2 billion years ahead of us in all ways and what tech we have on this planet from what I have heard, that was a direct reverse engineering project, is only 1,400 years ahead of our own at this time. And that is just one of them. Tech is one small part of it. Meaning, the govt isn’t telling us a fraction of it, if at all. Surprise, surprise. If these species wanted us gone, we wouldn’t even know what hit us. And to even begin to assume we “can take them down,” is comical at best.

Admit there is something out there greater than you. And we can contact all else. If they see fit. I don’t fear outside influence or help, I welcome it. Many of us do. This is not an invasion, it’s a homecoming from our ancestors AND future selves.

Many of us know our place amongst the stars. We recall it deep within our souls. It’s not a rehearsal anymore or some sweet meme as if to say, “what if.” It’s already here and has been. Speak in frequency. Raise your vibe. And maybe we can do this. Their energy alone will literally burn us up if we don’t prepare our vessels – mind, body, spirit. Think kundalini fire times infinity on the heat/pressure scale because apparently, that is exactly what it is like meeting them face to face. That’s a lot of heat and energy, folks. 💕

If you want to read more about my second MIB experience, check it out in the link below (it’s an entertaining one, promise):

Glitch in the Matrix

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