Namaste – an Excerpt.

… And when ET’s do contact us, they tell us time is irrelevant. All happens now. So all now is a singularity – “This is what we describe as a singularity: a set of conditions where time and space have no meaning. … Relativity, remember, is the theory that describes space and time. But at singularities, both spatial and temporal dimensions cease to exist.”

What does that mean? It doesn’t even matter how much or how little that implies. I AM. WE ARE. IT IS. You were never born and you will never die. You are everything in one flash. All of it. Past, Present and Future. Contact has always been made, is being made and will be made. We, ourselves, are that contact. We are what we were waiting for. All of us. They are us. We are Them. Us is you. You are us. You are IT and it is YOU. In their definition, there is absolutely no separation. And despite what you are told, you have access to all of it. Now.

Because you are all of that Now. And Now is all you are.

So, when people claim to be God, or say we are all God/s, it’s not a fallacy. There’s a reason behind it and it may begin as an ego trip, but it rarely ends that way when a deeper collective understanding comes into the picture, if they/we/you even make it that far. Yet you already did, you see?

I used to claim it – that I was God, Mother of God, you name it … flat out all you could imagine through psychosis and extreme states where I was explosively in touch with the ether. But I never truly saw it like this until recent years within my awakening journey of digging, walking on fire, becoming the fire, burning to ash and rising again, only to do it all over again a thousand times over … where I truly felt it in my bones and understood that it’s ALL, AS ONE. It isn’t me. Yet it is. But it’s not only me, it’s WE. And I believe in much of it.

Unfortunately, not many escape beyond that idea of “me” to a point where they may never be able to transmute or integrate it due to the very real and (for lack of a better term) “lethal” grips of what others deem as insanity and all that implies (hence the pathological term of grandiose delusions and all of what comes tumbling after). It literally kills and silences spirits meant to be here for much bigger purposes than society can even grasp.

Yet some do escape those grips society has on them and go on to become great leaders, teachers, shamans, reiki masters, therapists, intuitives, clairs, seers, fire walkers, ancestors that we need here now in the flesh and side by side, etc …That is called HEALNG. To a point I may never repeat that egoic cycle again and can now begin true ‘work.’ And even then, I can barely wrap my head around it. There’s a difference btw getting the jist of it and a fully-blown mind.

To realize this is literally a paradox of extremes, surprise surprise. Isn’t that how it works with this Universe? To be so inflated to the point you find yourself flat-faced on the floor in mud- humbled.

That is called REVERENCE.

Reverence – to truly recognize and respect the God/s in you and vice versa – which is literally what Namaste means to begin with at a very deep intentional and comprehensive level, although it’s thrown around like a toxically positive and obligatory closing in the new emergence of the ‘Spiritual As Fuck’ influencer check lists … or it’s a lit, and then quickly discarded match stick these days …

Respect it for its very own paradoxical simplicity and depth. For it’s true meaning and nature. And it will do what it’s meant to do – blow your mind through and into radical acceptance of our very own divine nature.


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