privilege – The Bigger Picture.

Tangent Alert | Not Poetry | 2021

“You’re so “privileged” to grow up in a family where your father, who grew up with little and literally walked 10 miles uphill in the snow to school every single day, worked his ass off with $50 in his pocket on a train to the Northern Alaskan Wilderness, just to make sure he took care of his family for the rest of his life.”

We ALL start somewhere.

Stop using this privileged lingo (to knock another out) as a badge to gain a step on humanity’s ladder, because there is no ladder. And if there was, those of us that use the term are on the same rung at all times (don’t even get me started on reincarnation and past lives). In my mind’s eye, I see two hamsters trying to get in front on a wheel that never ends, running the same race. We were and all are and always will be a part of humanity, even in dust left in the exact same race.

Am I priviliged? Sure. In some ways. But are you? Yup. In some ways. Like I said, it’s all relative.Try to remember that most of those you call privileged worked through it, too – blood, sweat and tears. Remind yourself of that next time you spit out that divided judgement.

We reap what we sow, many lifetimes over. You may not have asked for this in this life, but you did in another. On and on and round & round we go.

To segway … this division, no matter your side, is a flat-out acceleration of universal consciousness no matter how wrong or right may believe you are – that is the whole point – there is no such thing. That is the bigger picture. The acceleration of consciousness depends on its own FORWARD force onto what it deems to be … deceleration – cyclical. Get what I am laying down? To decelerate is to ultimately accelerate .. think of meditation and it’s ultimate effects and consequences after practice in quieting the mind. The deceleration of simplicity will ultimately lead to the acceleration through manifestation. Back to the beginning … so on and so forth. Not only that but these terms take on a life of their own, meaning there really is life everywhere and in everything …. and words/terms/meaning carry power.

The race is not against anyone but yourself – it’s all cyclical and it’s all you – a race to expand, open up with vulnerability, feel, transmute and express. That is you. Imagine the others who did and are doing the same in their own way! Imagine that. Now combine that experience. That kind of upswing in energy has the absolute, 100% power to change the world. Guaranteed. It takes like force to repel like force and it takes two opposing forces to join up. In the end, it’s all the same.

It’s all the same goal. Evolution and Expansion. Point is – stop fighting the process. And if you are fighting it, try to be aware that its perpetuating change that is most likely in direct opposition to your ego, which is exactly where your soul needs to be. THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE TRULY FIGHTING. Your privilege is that you even have a soul in the first place that would take on your own ego. That’s it. That’s the paradoxical state of affairs right now. Signing off.

xoxo, lizzy

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