Cast Our Crowns.

You are there and I am here. I am there and you are here. And we’re everywhere in between. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we stand hand in hand as we witness the unseen. From dream to dream, from awake to awoke, crossing over to meet you in your finest hour. Within that lies the spell to change the direction of our eternal power. The here and after met before I saw you face to face, to warn, to guide, to tie the chords and nail our spirit in place.

With every passing, there are witnesses of four. You, yourself, and I and that which is beyond the door. Our Higher Selves knocking to come outside, to dig beneath the garden gate and find the other side – where we make love and try to hide the beat that drums too loud – a home, a space, a time and place where we turn around and bow.

Wake us from our memories of another time and space, that trickle into our lives – to seal a bond unbroken, asking which one of us survives. Same sea when we’re looking through our eyes, turn the bow and cast our crowns toward the light beyond the lies.

xoxo, lizzy

Higher Self

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