It will be Effortless. Naked. Unbound. Unparalleled. Magic and Brazen. Untempered and Untampered. Molten Ice. Vulnerable. Raw. Flawless in Frequency and Real. Let us be spineless, as we rip ourselves from our earth-bound garments and reveal the energetic essence caught red-handed behind the wheel.

It will scream when we’re silenced and serene. It will wreak havoc in our sleep where our souls lie suspended in between. It will laugh with joy in our faces as tears spring forth from eye to eye, even with our resistance, it will carry on trampling lies. It will remember us when the resonance in our voices trail off for memory’s sake. It will clear the static that lingers as you and I spring from our dreams awake. It will rip us from the seams and have us sew ourselves as one. It will take our pain and sorrow and split it til’ we’re undone. They’ll read between the lines as we state our earthly case, knowing where we come from in birth and death, the eternal chase.

Same mission. Same focus. Same kaleidoscope eyes that peer into the fire. Same Ash. Same rise and fall to play and walk the wire.

xoxo, lizzy


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