Destiny vs. Diagnosis.

I will never forget those days … July 2010 and counting. Man, what a trip. I was just reminded of the very abbreviated version of the day I was diagnosed, or days leading up to it. Not the night, week, month or year … the day. #1. Quit corporate job, mid-day, sarcastically to go camping. Joking but apparently wasn’t joking. I went camping.#2. Return home to see XOXO, Philly boards all over town. One saying, visit the franklin institute. So I went on the way home, earning a hefty $81 ticket because I had to have the best spot.

I signed up for a look at hubble on I-Max, after my very own exhibit, Cleopatra. I’ll never forget the blue flames coming off her blue dress and me looking on in awe, tripping 5 feet off the ground knowing very well then that this was our energy and how we really see soul to soul. Anyway, said usher ushers me into the show about the origins of the universe. Finished up, round the bend and the usher stops me from exiting and swings his arm around to me, specifically, as if to say, “One more time….” So I did, twist my arm, and I watched it all from the beginning to end, all over again. Understanding what I really was, not yet understanding what we all are.

Next morning I sign into Starbucks, my second job. Knew my agenda but didn’t know how to tell anyone. Pressure mounted and after I finally lost the ability to count money in front of customers, I was sent off register only to ask my manager “When can I quit?” Quit. Mid-day. 2nd job. I had plans to hit up New York and Niagara Falls. Leave the building, drive out and what’s on the bus in front of me, scrolled across the back? “Niagara.” Went home, fed the dog, and left for the great camping ground beyond and someone I have only met in dreams, with notes to passersby..

And nothing has ever been the same since.

Don’t give up.

Diagnosis cannot define destiny. But, Destiny can Destroy Diagnosis.

To be cont….

xoxo, lizzy

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