Divine Wild Fire, Be the Wind.

Divine Wild Fire, Be the Wind | July Deliberation Series | 2021

In case you ever wanted to know what a very brief conversation in the mind of what ‘they’ label as schizophrenic or schizoaffective/bipolar is like and what we, who do not accept labels, experience day in and day out. In the spiritual world, where we are accepted as is and as was and as will be, (a place where you feel free to expand on your own beliefs, journey and experience in relation to others), this is considered a gift. A path to healing that not many are willing to face.

Here is goes and I’ll try to recall it word for word but know it’s like the fleeting dream so not an easy feat.

“You think you are making new friends and connections. In reality, you’re connecting with ancestors, angels and interdimensional beings that are living in higher consciousness.”

“You already know it’s fact because you broke through the mold years and years ago. You’re just playing small.”

“Peering into the future of your new connections is like taking a trip back to your healed past.”

“Where you may be silent, rest assured, your ancestors are gathered on the sidelines, cheering you on.”

“Lineage stops with you? No. We are all each other’s lineage, kids or not. It never stopped with you and never will. In fact, quite the opposite. It begins with you.”

If that kind of empowering conversation, which I know is not reality for many and has not always been for me, is labeled as insanity, sign me up. If that heals me, who is to say it’s a disease? Oh no. No, no, no. Takes one to know one and it takes the journey to know the steps.

“Grandiose Delusions is just a fear tactic term to keep you small enough where you deny your divinity. Don’t fall for it. Speak it out and make it known so others may know themselves. Divine wild fire, be the wind.”

xoxo, lizzy

Divine wild fire, be the wind.

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