Vikings in Her Bones.

One by one, each one taking more pieces of her each time she fell. Bones cracked, faces slapped, heads slammed, hearts exploding, emotions torn, egos inflated, wits wounded, promises broken, innocence stolen, laughter broken, bubbles burst,  habit forming, throats closing, minds numbing, veins pumping. Death at their doorstep, life had ceased. Dreams ripped out from under pillows as trust, demolished and released …

Into the hands of ancestors behind her, angels above her, guides beside her, the Gods resounding within her while prayer soaked through her veins. From this day forward, no more shame, no more pain. Grace emerging from the blood, waves crashing through the flood, rising from the depths, drawing her sword and her shield to meet, slicing pain into power as she lays them down at their feet. “Out beyond rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field and I will meet you there,” where forgiveness reigns in all truth scrawled out and laid for witness to bare. Alchemy conjures healing in the flames she forged alone, with softness still bleeding from her chest but now with Vikings in her bones.

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