Notes to Self in this Collective Dream.

Sit up straight so I can talk to you crooked.

You cannot forget where you come from. You are not going anywhere without knowing who you are. They tried to take you down. But the others. The others tried to warn you. Including me. They tried to warn us about talking to you. They tried to keep us away. Some of us listened, some of us knew what was at stake so we willingly and lovingly stayed, even if it didn’t look that way at the time. Some now are working behind the scenes. Some right under your nose. Facades in a sea of faces, playing the same tune.

They warned us not to play with fire but the only one who burned whole was you. For good reason, like a Phoenix torn under every time one of us fanned the flames. A necessary process in ascension and learning how to stand on your own in this new space, this new light “be”ing.

Everything was made to break you down so the only thing left pouring out of your soul was exactly what you needed to witness. The essence of rain after drought, rain that will continue on without me. The essence was never a product of us, it was you. It’s all going to continue on. It’s in the power you possess. Not to conquer another but to put those nightmares to rest and see the dreams you built.

You know what you know and it isn’t your fault. And it’s not a mistake. And it’s not just in your head. The hum you hear is reality only so many witness. The buzz and energy surrounding you is for you.

Your confusion eventually yielded itself to a deeper understanding, first known deep within your heart, as per usual. Now your mind knows as the crown cracks open with clarity and soon, a slick tongue will follow. I always said in frustration that it all needed to align for me to listen to your buoyant cheer. Well, I am listening.

Numbing yourself was and is what you believe to be your only defense against their denial. And that’s just what they want. It won’t always be this way and it never was always this way. You already know that. Focus on the healed you within you. It’s only a matter of time, but it isn’t an excuse to procrastinate or to pregame for the final showdown. The devil is wrapping up his sleeves and I couldn’t be more proud of the fight within you. Don’t slip or shy away from destiny.

Fiercely independent, you wear this as a shield. Put it down and listen up because the sands you pour shape the characters you form. Fight like we taught you. Love like you do. With or without me, they will always and continuously be in your life, at either end of the spectrum. You are shifting paradigms in your own mind and with every vibration, you are affecting others. It was never meant to be overnight. Simmer down saint. It’s a huge responsibility to heal from much of which was not your doing. Breaking generational trauma, healing it, transmuting it into your voice with ancestors backed behind you. Breaking your own trauma and pain simultaneously (some of which we caused), healing it and transforming it into your power with the people that can hear you and see you, always backed behind you. It’s not just us, it’s them too. Those beyond. Welcome home and welcome to your team. The fewer the better for now lest you let it go to your head. I jest.

Go slow. Go quiet. Go centered. But Go. Rest but don’t quit. Become deliberate in speech and thought, always rewinding and checking the chaos within before making the next move.

Pause before your procession home.

xoxo, anonymous

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