CE5 Initiative

The CE5 initiative is my new jam. Total noob, but have to say, from what I have researched so far and from the conversations I have had already with local members, experienced friends and administrators, that this fits seamlessly into my daily practices and my manifestation exercises that I have been working really hard on for months now. The manifestation even took me by complete surprise, because ET contact was not my intention at the beginning, not even a little bit.

That is, until I had a spontaneous vision of a ET creature embodying love walk through my bedroom door. He had the head of a triceratops with tentacles coming from his crown and had the body of an elongated and very tall Shrek. So tall, he had to duck through the doorway. He was carrying a bed in breakfast tray with all sorts of natural medicinals for me. At the time I was self-bound to my bedroom for recovery purposes. There was no audible talk, there was only knowing. He came in peace and he was there in love and as a nurse of sorts.

Up until that point, my concept of ETs was really quite limited/skewed until I opened up and asked some questions on a forum (GAIA members, I believe) and the responses and possibilities broke my mind open to limitless realities. Needless to say, a deeper search resulted and I began to start watching episodes concerning ET’s, asking questions aimed at those with experience and inside knowledge, listening to podcasts, meditating with intent for contact, discovered a remote viewing ability I never knew was even a thing, and sincerely asking for supernatural guidance, a new/fresh purpose. My intentions for the beginning of my practice was to cultivate joy, stability, motivation and a new zest for life. That was it. I didn’t expect this at all and I am amazed at how swiftly it all came to present itself to me as if it were a gift for me to open.

It’s undeniable how perfectly in sync it is for my current state and my future goals/intentions/instincts. Super excited and expectant, yet steeping myself in the depth of respect and reminding myself to stay centered and humble at the same time. My first outing will be next weekend at the very place I first had an undeniable UFO encounter along with a friend and witness, 3 years ago in the dead of winter at midnight, followed by the appearance of two mysterious men dressed in all white 😉😉 . This place isn’t known as a hotspot by any means, I have tried to find details but only found one documented incident where someone spotted something in the 80’s. I feel safe, I feel secure, I feel as if I was expected and called forth for this. The process for becoming a member in and of itself was safe, detailed, loving, reassuring and focused on a meditative and collective goal for contact, connection and the simultaneous raising of awareness and consciousness.

This is not only solidifying a new pathway to fulfil a purpose, but it’s simply my idea of damn good time.

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