Wings Unfurled.

Suddenly it all makes sense … … all the sideways glances, the episodic syncs, the gnashing of teeth and cut off chances, the snipping of claws round the fire for the celebration of your life and death in tow … simultaneously, the gasping of air in the midst of the unbelievable, the twisted truths and the begging of your own prayers that haunt you for your very own advice, the humility and vulnerability that is found dug up in mortification and truth, the inexplicable wonderbouts of insatiable invincibility that came knocking at midnight, the rabbit holes that swallowed you whole with time ticking at your belt, the straightjackets of divinity and the sacredness of scorned lands, the wild road trips that led to a greater understanding of thine own self be true as you stood staring – nails bitten raw, feet worn and blistered with the scratching of heads over ranges and ranges to go, the clambering of dreams in your mind as angels pleaded for one more victorious stance before your fall … just once more.

The provisions by onlookers and tribal members alike rooting and rotating you above the dirt … tilling you for harvest. A chorus of spirits clap, hoot and holler in the atmosphere where no one can hide, reigning down.

All encompassing superstition and delusion dissipate in the air as wings unfurl from beneath your shoulder blades.

None of this is a mistake.

xoxo, lizzy

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