Dear Rest.

Dear Rest,

If you brought me to edge of existence and I caught a glimpse, why the flinch beyond? Why the cinch of the wand and the pinch in our bond, on earth as we know it in 3D? It was never about me and never, ever once about thee, you see, you see? It was more about your very own illusions than it was my delusions.

This isn’t why I’ve come to become, only to succumb to fear upon your table, flipping in discourse within the fable. Caught up between two worlds, suspended, I find myself levitating between expectations of your very own. Never once mine, alone. Wasting time we don’t have that’s neither here nor there, even if you dare to care.

Not in line with the journey you weren’t privy to. Not in tow with the path that I carried you. Never to be mistaken for the few that turned their backs in two. We keep on trudging with little but trailblazers on our backs reclaiming a foot back home with fire. Not roaming just to roam high upon the throne that dared to walk the wire.

Never a quest that begs for the laugh of a fool. Only a righteous path that meets its demons in flames of wrath and drool.

The unknown will surely beg of its best. To the rest … just rest, just rest, just rest.

xoxo, lizzy

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