Psychosis is Healing in Action.

It is through my own personal experience and understanding that which much is deemed as psychosis is in large part not so much a break from reality as it a breakthrough into reality, and consequently, Western society’s drastic reaction to it.

Imagine experiencing something as amazing as Brahma-Nirvana, release from all constraints, liberation and freedom from that which kept you from recognizing your very own personal divinity.

Imagine being on the cutting edge of your own personal spiritual journey and tasting it, innocently for the first time. So powerful, so blissful, so void of all but oneness that you literally assume you have died and went to heaven. And then being completely denied of exploration. Consequently, it vanishes. I cannot begin to explain the devastation felt in the whole of your being after such an enormous loss the first go-around.

Having no prior concept of it, having no outlets to plug into, having no language to express it, having no unbiased base to question it, having no guru to share it with, having no shaman to dive into it with you, having no community to spread it within and without. As you acclimate to extremes, having nothing at the helm to guide you but the rigid reality of Western society as it is now – biased, branded, burdened, ignorant, numbed, stuck, stifled, stiff, sick, bruised, beaten, judgmental, coarse, harsh, rushed and relinquished of all things beyond the unknown.

The unknown is what frightens most. Inexplicable phenomena and extreme states thus then need to be labeled to make sense of it without the influence of or blockage of influence from other cultures, to set boundaries around it for control and to ‘keep the peace’ in the ‘civilized’ world they have created and will stop at nothing to defend.

Therefore, creating illness, disease, sickness to such a drastic degree that we must surrender, unknowingly, to a cyclical cycle of disease and healing on a mass scale. Healing so great that once reached, shifts the entire universe and consciousness in one fell swoop. Exactly what they had been building against. Ironic how all things really do come out in the wash in a paradox of psychospiritual suds.

So, to the fanatics perpetuating this disease model, please carry on, because what the powers that be at large meant for harm, control, a cull of humanity and division, actually perpetuates healing to such an extreme state that it will always be beyond their control. And we’re all here, still tickin’ n’ kickin’ with mutual validation, support, safety, understanding, compassion and grace. And our goal is to keep it movin’ on a larger scale.

Psychosis isn’t the result of an illness, it’s the result of being misunderstood, misinterpreted, invalidated, misdiagnosed AND on top of that, and outside of that, it’s literally healing in action.

xoxo, lizzy


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