Word Chemistry – Redemption to Love.

Unfettered faith is paramount in manifesting future redemption through the kaleidoscope looking glass, with intuition at the helm and the pirates in its wake. Become the master of your own story with eyes peeled in vigilance and satisfaction upon your self-vindication and exoneration from tragedy thrown in your flames by those shaken solid in the face of the almighty unknown.

Twist the tales, tempering them with trials by fire into the shape of the golden age of ascension that speaks of truth and absolution from believing the absolute as it were – that which is laden with tales bound in boxes, retained with restraint and reservation, cornered into control and skillfully summoned for submission. That which beat you down, baited you with praise, provocation and perverse profit, sliced you open for study, sewed you back up half kilter – still bleeding, branded you with your own blood, targeted you for scrutiny, seized your zeal and wonderment in suicidal stages, cut the power chords within your voice, dismantled your swiftly swung gavel verdicts declaring delusion and disillusionment amongst detrimentally deranged power-hungry pinned pricks that dealt your deck of cards, ironed your straightjacket sleeves that swore to snare you and shined the buckles that begged to bind you, threw away the key to padded walls beaten in solitude, licked the stamps of insanity on envelopes strapped to pigeons that flew straight to the threshold of your pain, and those who rigged the hangman’s game.

Prophecy declares self-governed sovereignty and divinity outdrew them all.

Absolution from falling into the abyss of the absolute steeps in a tincture of forgiveness that frolics with grace through your eyes, forever facing the bigger picture that one day will envelope us all. Healing beyond measure, restraint, confinement and inhibition is the elixir that reigns supreme in the eyes of the seer who fearlessly, undauntingly and unabashedly peers into the void.

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. If you gaze for long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

Love accepts the same challenge. If you gaze for long into love, love gazes also into you.

xoxo, lizzy

*(Word Chemistry – Bringing all words back to LOVE through synonymous strings. Word of the Day – Redemption = Satisfaction > Vindication > Exoneration > Absolution > Forgiveness > Grace > Love)

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