Lifting the Veil | About

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” – the wounded healer

Certified Peer Support Specialist | Creative Writer | Artist | Designer | Claircognizant | Seer 

Transpersonal Mental Health Advocate | System Survivor

Welcome to a snippet of my journey, as a pioneer on the edge of my own being, through personal evolution, spiritual emergence and recovery.

As an artist and creative writer, I am not new to this idea that something must be sacrificed in order to birth something new. Usually it is a piece of ourselves. I have been reborn many times over and can say with confidence that I am well-versed.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar One in 2010, having had a total of 5 psychotic episodes / spiritual emergencies, and I am currently active in recovery for alcohol addiction and trauma.

It is safe to say I am on a mission – a personal crusade that dares to enter and explore the depths of recovery and healing that can only be found on the flipside of all I, and many others, have been conditioned to believe as absolute truth. My intention is to embrace the unknown, inspire and empower others as they traverse through their personal transformation and evolution, and to eventually be at the forefront of a paradigm shift within the Mental Health Community.

I have been balancing on a razor-thin edge that lies between pathology and spiritual emergence for much too long and as energy manifests and accelerates, I am gently, yet swiftly, reminded that my purpose is at hand. After decades of intense shadow work, glorious and sometimes painful transformations, mystical experiences and trials by fire, my wings are now ready.

I invite you to tag along as I take a leap of faith through art, creative writing, dreams, visions and alternative/holistic and ancient methods of healing that reawaken the spirit within and remind us who we are as one in the collective dream – on the flipside.


*NOTE – chapters herein are works in progress. My original blog, On the Rocks, has since been set to private even though, collectively, it holds most of my raw work. For research purposes only, as it was time to move on and into a new path where learning, growth and healing through joy, inspiration and creativity reign.

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